Mystery Shopping Company Review: About Face

About Face is a legit mystery shopping company that I have been doing shops for over the past year. They pay on time and have one of my favorite cosmetics shops as their client. I can't say who the client is but I always snap it up when I see it is available because I love getting to shop for cosmetics and get reimbursed for makeup and skin care … [Read more...]

How Earning Gift Cards Pays off My Debt


I am in a lot of debt. Credit card debt, student loan debt, medical bills, and yup, those dreaded loans from family members. I really want to get out from under all this and I am trying to make extra payments to pay off these debts as fast as possible. I try to make any extra cash that I can and keep my costs low, but another way I pay down my … [Read more...]

Stacking for Saving Big at Target


Flickr I love Target. Love, love, love Target. And now that we recently moved right down the street from Target I get to spend a lot of time with Target, browsing their new home decor options, checking out the clothing clearance racks, and scoring some great deals with coupons! Target offers some awesome ways to stack savings. Target allows you … [Read more...]

Buying Our First Home: Part 2


This is Part 2 in a series. You can read Part 1 here. We first began looking at homes online through Zillow (geez, I can lose hours on Zillow) to see what was available, checked out a couple of open houses, and contacted Quicken Loans to get a quote on a mortgage. We pulled our credit reports and checked for errors as well as comparing the debts … [Read more...]