How I’m Saving Today

how i'm saving today, Uncategorized / Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Well, this week I have not saved a lot. I have actually spent a lot.

So how does that count for a blog entry on how I’m saving today? Well, what I have been spending on has been bills and debts. Because I got paid three times in September and I budget a month ahead, I realized that I had an extra paycheck! So, after checking and double checking that it was indeed an extra check (I use two paychecks per month’s bills and because there are more than 24 paychecks each year there will be an extra check once a year), I re-allocated the money into my budget for bills and debts that we needed to pay.

This came just in time too because our dog had two trips to the vet in the last week because he unexpectedly got sick and we ended up spending almost $800 for the emergency vet appointment, xrays, blood work, regular vet appointment, and his standard vaccines (which he was due for). Ugh. So we were really grateful to have the extra money. Also, we are really glad to have pet insurance which will reimburse us for a large chunk of these vet costs. We have had VPI for a number of years and the reimbursements for standard vet appointments and medicines alone pay for the monthly premium. So if you don’t have pet insurance I would recommend it because the peace of mind far outweighs the minimal costs. We were glad we didn’t have to think twice about whether to take our dog to the emergency vet or whether the vet should do an xray (which costs $100 alone!).

With the rest of the money not spent on vet bills, we have paid some human medical bills which have been sitting on the mail table wondering how they were going to get paid, as well as paid an extra payment to the credit card. We also socked away a little bit more into our savings account for our trip next year out to California for my sister and her fiance’s wedding. How I’m saving today is to be responsible with extra money and pay bills and our savings account first, rather than blow a chunk on new shoes or a fancy dinner and still have to pay more interest on our debt later.

How are you saving today? Post a comment below!

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