Cash in My Mailbox: Ebates

online shopping, Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Aww Yeah! I love cash in my mailbox! Well, not cash per se. A check actually. It’s safer to send in the mail that way.

Where did I get this check from? The magical check fairy? Nope. Ebates!

My favorite cash back site is Ebates. Just log onto the Ebates site, find the participating store you are shopping at, and click the Ebates link to get to the site. Then shop as normal and you will automatically get up to 25% back on your purchase, though most stores average about 5% cash back. They even have some promotions where you can get double cash back. Sign up through the link below and get $5 automatically as a signup bonus! Ebates works with a long list of well known companies so you will likely find the store you are looking for. Additionally, they also include promotion codes which you can you at online stores in addition to getting cash back through Ebates. Your cash back is based on the price you pay after the promotion code.

I personally have been paid a few times by Ebates for my online shopping. They send you a check every three months automatically and there is no minimum that you have to accrue before they send you your money. Today’s check in the mail was for $8.42 but every little bit helps! With my first purchase Ebates also sent me a $10 gift card to Target as my signup bonus and this is still available so jump on it!

I have tallied up all the money I have made so far this year from small checks like this Ebates one and so far I have made $346.53 since June! Those small amounts earned from online surveys, cash back shopping, and sending in rebates really add up! Take that debt!

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