Fandango and Target Gift Card Deal on Spreebird Today!

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Do you like going to the movies? Do you shop at Target? Who doesn’t?!

This week Spreebird has a deal for you! They are offering a voucher for 2 movie tickets on Fandango and a $10 gift card to Target for only $24! That’s just the cost of the movie tickets so it’s like getting the Target giftcard for free. Just a head’s up though: the movie tickets voucher expires February 26, 2012. I know I will go to the movies before then but just keep it in mind. This deal will be available for purchase on Spreebird until December 26th (until it runs out) and if you purchase it before then you cannot use it until after the 26th.

Daily deal sites are one way that I like to save on movie tickets and places that I shop anyway. Daily deal sites like Spreebird, Groupon, and Living Social give you discounts that make it worth it to treat myself to a movie. In this case, you aren’t saving anything on the cost of the Fandango tickets but you are getting a $10 gift card to Target for free! And why am I excited about this? Because Target sells groceries and they also issue their own coupons which can be stacked with manufaturer coupons so I can make that $10 go far.

Click here to take advantage of this deal. Don’t worry if you don’t see your city on the list for local deals. Just select a city and you will see the Fandango deal. Spreebird only covers a short list of cities inclding Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego but they also offer national deals that you can use anywhere or online. So select any city and you should see the Fandango/Target deal.

Another great thing about Spreebird is that they donate 10% of their sales to local schools and non-profits. You can even choose the school or non-profit in your area that your sales proceeds go to. Way to pay it forward!

Here’s the fine print:
-Available for purchase until December 26, 2011 (or until it runs out of stock)
-Cannot use before December 27, 2011
-Fandango promo codes expire February 26, 2012
-Not valid on IMAX movies
-Must use both Fandango vouchers at the same time for the same show
-Target Gift Card will be mailed to you

What will you see with your Fandango tickets? I’m thinking Mission: Impossible, Ghost Protocol. Sweet! I love a good spy movie. You can like the movie on Facebook for more trailers.

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