How I’m Saving Today

how i'm saving today, Uncategorized / Friday, January 20th, 2012

So my husband is now an official Bayou Bengal! He flew down to Louisiana State University to pursue his dreams and begin the Athletic Training program there. I’m so excited for him but I miss him tons. Luckily I am planning a road trip next week to drive his car down there and visit him.

All this school stuff has taken a toll on our budget and we have been shelling out school fees, plane tickets, and buying books. Luckily we have some savings but some has also gone on the credit card. We will sort it out in the budget and pay the card back ASAP.

Overall I have only spent about $6.00 this week on miscellaneous drug store purchases (using coupons though!) so that’s definetely good. I also just bought these super cute shoes on Hautelook using a credit I already had so I didn’t have to spend a dime today. I bought a Plum District $50 voucher to Hautelook for $25 months ago, and since then have bought and returned two pairs of shoes. The shoes were fine, they just didn’t fit well (I have picky feet) or didn’t look like I thought they would in person. Luckily Hautelook’s customer service had no problem taking my returns and allowing me to convert the Plum District voucher into a regular old credit so it won’t expire. So here’s hoping the third time’s the charm! These shoes would be great for work or play, no?

Oh, and if you don’t know about Plum District, it’s a local daily deal site for women. They gear some of their deals towards moms but I have found great stuff on there for me (not a mom)! You can sign up through my link here and get a $5 credit to spend on whatever you want!

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