How I’m Saving Today

how i'm saving today, Uncategorized / Friday, February 10th, 2012

Well, there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch…and free breakfast and dinner for that fact.

I’m saving today by signing up for the email lists for the restaurants near my office. Just this week I got three free bagels from Bruegger’s Bagels (coupon for Facebook fans, no longer available), a card in the mail for a free lunch at Corner Bakery, and an emailed coupon from Au Bon Pain for a free coffee and breakfast pastry.

So today I enjoyed one of my free bagels for breakfast, cashed in my free lunch card at Corner Bakery, and am doing a mystery shop tonight for dinner tonight!

If you work downtown (like me) or near any restaurants you like, sign up on their email lists and friend them on Facebook. It definitely pays off!

Bruegger’s Bagels gives you a free bagel with cream cheese when you sign up for their email list, plus a gift on your birthday.

Right now, Au Bon Pain is giving you a free travel coffee mug when you sign up for their e-club. And I got the coupon for a free coffee and pastry for my one year e-club subscriber anniversary. Plus they email coupons throughout the year, as well as a sandwich coupon for your birthday.

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