Think Thin Protein Bar Coupons

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You all know I love free stuff, but what I love even more is free healthy stuff!

Think Thin makes great tasting (no, seriously, they are superb) protein bars in tasty flavors like Brownie, White Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.

The bars have no sugar (or only 3-4g for the Think Thin Crunch bars) and 10-20g of protein. Thank god for stevia and soy protein!

You can try them out on the cheap with coupons from Think Thin’s website. The coupon expires March 3, 2012.

These regularly go on sale for about $1.25. In fact, Safeway has had them on sale for weeks at that price. Snag it while its only a quarter!

These are PDF coupons so that means they are a bit different from most other coupons:
1) There is no print limit! Seriously, you aren’t ripping the company off. They make PDF coupons intentionally without print limits.

2) They may not scan properly. You may get the angry beep. Some machines may not like the PDF coupon because each bar code is identical. But sometimes there will be no problem scanning them. I have found the best luck with these coupons using self check out machines. I don’t know why but they scan right through at self check out and cause an error at some regular cashier stations.

3) Some stores may not accept PDF coupons. I have had my Safeway tell me that they don’t take PDF coupons, though haven’t had the issue at others. (It’s not in their coupon policy though). So just a heads up. Hopefully you have a coupon friendly store, unlike me.

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