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Whew! What a week!

Sorry I’ve been so scarce on posting. I fully intend to get back into the swing of things and will continue regular posts and coupon matchups, never you worry. This has just been a crazy busy week for me. I got a cold last weekend, has a deadline on a draft of my thesis this week, and have been slammed at work and staying late. Boy am I glad it’s Friday 🙂

So how am I saving this week? Well, I went to Safeway last night and saved 65% on my groceries by buying what was on sale and using about $20 in coupons. And I have been eating almost all my meals at home. Meals that I have paid for this week have been mystery shopping meals which I will get reimbursed for in addition to my payment. Love that.

Groupon gave me a $10 credit to their Now! Deals. I have no idea when I got the credit or why, but I think it’s cause Groupon is just flipping awesome. So I saw the credit in my account yesterday and, gasp!, it was expiring yesterday also! I quickly made myself familiar with the Now! Deals section, which is new and gives you tons of food, coffee, spa, and shopping deals that you can use in your city that day or the next. You buy the deal for today or tomorrow and for a certain block of time, say 10am-6pm. Then you snag a great price for a manicure or burritos. And the best part? If you don’t use your deal in time Groupon will refund you! So there’s no risk of getting out of work late and missing your chance to nosh on cheap-o burrit-os. I snagged free frozen yogurt at Yogun Fruz (pay $3 get $6 of yogurt) and lunch at Moe’s Southwest Grill (pay $5 get $8 of burritos or quesadillas) with my free credit. Yum! I’m definetely gonna use this more often 🙂

Are you a member of Groupon or other daily deal sites? I loooooooove them! Have you tried Groupon’s Now! Deals? What do you think?

If you aren’t a member of Groupon click here to sign up for free!

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