5 Hour Energy Review

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Smiley360 recently sent me two bottles of 5 Hour Energy to try and review. Great timing since I got them in the mail in the last week of writing my Master’s Thesis.

I drink energy drinks pretty infrequently and usually choose coffee over anything that’s too strong or I’m unfamiliar with. Usually when I need an energy drink it’s for a long drive or when I am exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open at work. I’ve tried 5 Hour Energy before but I have been skeptical of it since it worries me that it may be too strong or concentrated. So when Smiley360 offered to send me their Pomegranate and Berry flavors to try out, I thought this would be a great way to give this product another shot.

In reading over the information about 5 Hour Energy I was happy to learn that there’s as much caffeine in it as in a cup of coffee, plus there’s lots of B vitamins. That was a relief because I was worried it was too much caffeine but one cup is perfectly fine with me. Also, 5 Hour Energy has been around for 8 years and it’s used over 9 million times a week.

The flavors are good though they taste artificial, but since there’s only about two sips in a bottle it isn’t a big deal. At least I don’t have coffee breath :). True to their advertising, when I drank 5 Hour Energy I immediately felt more alert and awake. I needed to get a lot of writing done but was getting sleepy by late afternoon and my creative mojo was depleted. But after I drank a 5 Hour Energy I felt it coming back and was back to my normal, alert self. I liked that I didn’t feel caffeinated or excited, just awake. I finished my thesis and was able to go to sleep that evening without the extra caffeine keeping me awake. Thanks 5 Hour Energy!

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