How I’m Saving Today

how i'm saving today, Uncategorized / Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Well, it’s been a very busy week. I flew out to California for my Grandpa’s memorial service, a family reunion, and my sister’s wedding.

I had a wonderful time on my “working vacation” and enjoyed spending time with friends and family even though we were quite busy preparing for all the festivities. My husband flew out and met me in California and wore a dashing seersucker suit to the wedding to boot. Plus, he got it on sale at Jos. A. Bank. Awesome 🙂

Vacation and travel is tough on the budget but we managed to stick close to it. I pulled out cash to take on the trip and that really helped me to watch my spending. When the money ran low, I knew we were running out. One way we saved some money was getting yogurt and granola from the nearby Safeway and keeping them in a mini fridge in our room so we had a cheap and healthy breakfast. Way better than overpriced room service (which I admit we did order the first day cause it’s fun and easy). I had to use the card to get gas for the rental car and pay a baggage fee which put us over budget, but it could have been much worse.

Yesterday I defended my master’s thesis and passed!!! Woohoo! So I am done with grad school and only have to make minor edits to the thesis and get it bound. Super sweet!

It feels good to accomplish something that was two tough years in the making, with semesters back to back and through the summers. Phew!

Now back to focusing on paying down medical bills and trying to crawl out of debt. Slowly but surely it will happen.

How are you saving today?

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