Frugal Tips My Mom Taught Me: Pack a Snack

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My mom is a frugal woman. Growing up in a post-WWII household in Northern California with parents who had just weathered the war and the Great Depression, she knows how to make a dollar stretch. Over my life I have learned a lot from my mom and those tips have molded me into the thrifty and yes, cheap, lady I am today. This post series explores those tips my Mom has given me over the years that may help you too.

Pack a Snack
Growing up, my Mom always packed a snack in a Garfield-themed tote bag (I believe my 6 year old self picked that out) for myself and my two sisters. Yes, that’s terribly common for a Mom with three young kids, but the principle applies. Why not bring a healthy snack with you from home rather than buy one while you are out?

I practice this today. I always have popcorn or granola bars in my desk in case I have to work late and I am starving. I try to keep a granola bar in the glove compartment of my to stave off hunger-induced road rage and late night trips to the drive through for a “snack” of a double cheeseburger and fries.

Planning ahead and bringing food with you allows you to continue with your plans and not have to stop to get food, and it also saves you money. If I bring a banana and a granola bar from home as well as a reusable bottle of water, I’m good to go all afternoon with groceries which cost around $.50 (less if I bought the granola bars with coupons). If I was out and needed a snack, a Luna bar at the Seven Eleven would set me back $2.50, plus another dollar for a banana. Add on another $1.50+ for a bottle of water. That’s a $.50 snack vs. a $5.00 snack.

You’re always gonna need to eat and God has blessed this world with an abundance of granola bars and coupons with which we can buy them cheaply. So throw a granola bar or two in your bag and go out into the world!

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