I’m Moving to the Bayou!

moving, Uncategorized / Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Pretty soon, I’m gonna be seeing this as I drive by with a Uhaul containing all my worldly possessions.

It’s finally happening! I got a new job in Baton Rouge so I can finally go live with my hubby and continue to pursue my career dreams! Super sweet!

Now starts the bittersweet time of house hunting (yay!) and goodbyes (boo!). My hubbie has been running around looking at houses (aka apartments and townhouses) for rent and I think we may have found the place for us. We are putting in an application for it so I hope we get it! I also recently checked on the cost of renting a Uhaul and got an online quote of around $1400!!! Holy shit! I was shocked since I have rented Uhaul’s for the day for around $50 and I figured we would be talking a few hundred for a few days’ rental. Nope. So now I have added financial fear. I have saved some money for moving expenses but now I know that it’s not enough and so I will have to dip into our emergency fund. I mean, moving is an emergency right? I don’t think I have an option not to rent a truck for our furniture so I think that “i have to pay it no matter what” falls into the “emergency” category.

So, moving is always an exciting and stressful time but I’m glad to embark on this new adventure, reunite with my husband, move out of my parent’s house again (love you guys but it’s time to go), and start a new job. Hopefully all goes smoothly, but I’m sure it won’t. Not trying to be pessimistic, just realistic. Murphy always shows up in times like these. Hopefully the worst that will happen is that we have to dip into the emergency fund then work to replenish it, or a broken picture frame.

Have you ever moved cross-country or to a new state? How have you handled unexpected financial stress around moving?

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