Product Review: Lifeway Kefir

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Kefir? How do you say it? Kee-fear, yeah kind of like that. It’s a probiotic cultured milk smoothie that’s a great source of active cultures that benefit your digestive system. Oh what a great selling point for a smoothie…it’s good for your digestive system. Yum.

No really, Yum. Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie is delicious and good for you. So often good for you and tastes good don’t go together, but here they do.

I first heard about Lifeway Kefir when my sister bought some while she was home from England on a visit a few years ago. She said that Kefir is popular there and she drank a glass of it every day as a snack or for breakfast. I was intrigued and tried a sip but at first it seemed like it was kind of thin for a smoothie and had a tartness to it. My American palate expected it to be a thick milkshake consistency and taste like one too. But she explained that it doesn’t have all those added sugars and creams and is just straightforward and healthy. I wasn’t sold.

Influenster asked me recently if I wanted to try Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie. I figured I should give anything healthy a second chance so I signed up. Kefir comes in three flavors: cherry, blueberry, and strawberry in 12 fl oz bottles. I had tried the strawberry before and so I selected blueberry. At first taste, I again felt like it was tart and thin so I added a packet of Splenda to it. The added sweetness cut the tartness and it tasted really good. After a while, I started drinking the Kefir straight and I didn’t think it was tart at all and I didn’t expect it to be thicker. Remember, it’s a milk smoothie, not yogurt, so it’s just a little thicker than milk. Soon I started having a glass of Kefir with breakfast or after a good workout. It’s light, low fat, low calorie, and look at that 11g of protein! I need more protein so this is a great way for me to get it.
Now I love this stuff and highly recommend it. If you are looking for a milkshake that has your daily amount of calories, Kefir isn’t it. But if you are looking for a light, delicious, and healthy smoothie drink, Kefir is it!
I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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