Mystery Shopping Review: Marketforce

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Marketforce is a leading mystery shopping company and is widely known and respected. They have a wide variety of industries which they provide shops for including grocery stores, restaurants, fast food, clothing stores, and banks.

Marketforce is my favorite mystery shopping company. I do the majority of my mystery shops each month with them and have had no problems with receiving payment. They pay by direct deposit the month after you complete the shops so at first there is a bit of a delay but if you continue to complete shops you will have steady monthly direct deposits.

I average about $100-$200 a month from Marketforce each month. The pay for their shops is usually between $5-$7.50 plus reimbursement. Their shop forms are easy to complete and I often assign myself shops for the same well known companies over and over again so the shops are very familiar and easy for me.

While you primarily will self-assign shops through their online portal, Marketforce representatives will call you or email you to ask you to pick up shops that they are having a hard time getting completed. While this may be annoying, you can always decline or you can ask for a higher fee since it is usually short notice or far away. I have been paid a $25 fee plus reimbursement for multiple shops that they have asked me to complete last minute or in the next town over.

I would highly recommend signing up for Marketforce. It was the first mystery shopping company I signed up for and it was really easy to learn how to do mystery shops with them.

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  1. I used to do a lot of mystery shopping about a year or two, but have since moved on. It was a ton of fun while I did it though and it was so rewarding to get to do something fun while getting paid! That being said, once I started developing other means of income that was easier, I knew it was time to move on. I do still receive emails every now and then and am always tempted to jump back in!

  2. Yeah, It's not as lucrative as some side work but the best thing about mystery shopping is how sporadic it is and I can do more or less depending on my schedule.

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