How I’m Saving Today

how i'm saving today, Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve struggled to get over a cold for the past two weeks and I finally have a week where I’m feeling better. So naturally I’ve been running around busy working out at the gym, running and training for the Cosmic Run, freelance writing, mystery shopping, and catching up with friends.

I’ve been working hard on side hustles lately and have started freelance writing which is bringing in some extra which we can use to go towards medical bills we are paying off. I went grocery shopping and stocked up using a bunch of coupons and getting a lot of sale items so my cost was over $220 and dropped to $160. That’s more than I would usually buy in a week but I am trying to stretch it out and we are eating only at home so I think it’s worth it.

How have I been saving? I haven’t eaten out this week or spent any extra money on anything. I am sticking to my spending diet, even though I really want to go to the outlets and spend my Banana Republic/Old Navy/Gap Groupon. Of course, as soon as I said I wasn’t gonna shop ’till I lost weight I started snacking more and didn’t lose weight. Well I’m back on the horse again and signed up for the My Fitness Pal app to be vigilant about what I’m eating and it’s been going well the past few days, so hopefully I can shop soon!

I also just finished the third and last book in the Divergent series. So good. Yes, it’s a young adult series but my friend recommended it and I immediately got sucked in. I am ready for the movie to come out in a couple of weeks!

My hubbie and I are going down to New Orleans this week to watch some Mardi Gras parades! This will be my first time going since I missed it last year. I’m so excited!

I’ve had a few articles recently published around the web and I thought I would share them with you.

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  1. My FitnessPal is an awesome app! I can't believe how much stuff they have in their food and exercise directories and the community is one of the most supportive I've seen – although I think it's easier to use the boards and get to know people using their website rather than my smartphone.

    Good luck with your savings!!

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