Springboard America Review

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If you are looking for a survey site that won’t ask you the same old questions about your favorite soda or air freshener, check out Springboard America. Springboard America is a legitimate survey site that offers surveys on topics like politics and current events so its not the same repetitive surveys on advertising and commercial products.

They have a high payout threshold of $50, but each survey pays you between $.50- $5.00 so they can certainly add up. And to prove how much they add up to, in April 2014 alone Springboard America paid out $40,000 to survey takers! Wow! Those survey dollars can be cashed out as Amazon e-gift cards, Paypal payments, a check, or a charitable donation. And if you attempt a survey and don’t qualify for it you will get sweepstakes entries into their $750 sweepstakes.

I have taken their surveys before and they are not long or complicated. Their interface is easy to use and understand. Surveys are a great way to make some easy extra cash. Not a ton extra and it won’t make you rich, but if you steadily take surveys you can make an extra $25-$50 a month if you qualify for enough surveys. That’s no slouch for just answering some questions and that’s easy extra cash for debt repayment.

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