Celebrate Summer with Blue Bunny (and Snag a Coupon this Weekend!)

Uncategorized / Thursday, July 30th, 2015

It’s the end of July here in south Louisiana and that means it is hot. Like sauna hot. And unbearably humid.

But that doesn’t mean summer is no fun. We have had a great summer so far! We have taken road trips to visit friends and family, gone to the dog park, relaxed in the shade in our backyard, swam at the beach, and generally enjoyed ourselves despite the heat. As we say in Louisiana, laissez le bon temps rouler! (let the good times roll!)

Another way to keep the good times rolling is cooling off and celebrating summer with delicious ice cream treats. I am a humongous fan of ice cream (of course, it’s the best dessert there is!) and Blue Bunny makes fabulous ice cream.

Whether it’s the signature Bunny Tracks, classic Simply Vanilla ice cream sandwiches or irresistibly fun Mini Swirls, ice cream aficionados throughout all 50 states can choose from tantalizingly tasty Blue Bunny ice cream flavors and a delectable collection of cones, sandwiches and bars.

Made in Le Mars, Iowa, Blue Bunny uses fresh milk sourced from local dairy farms and turns it into delicious ice cream within 24 hours.

Yum, fresh milk and tasty chocolate means some delicious ways to cool off! My family loves their variety of flavors and while I am more partial to Bunny Tracks, my husband loves their Red Velvet Cake flavor. When we can’t agree, we get both!

Of course, no post on this blog would be complete without a way to save money while living your best frugal life, so don’t forget to check your local newspaper on Sunday, August 2 for a special offer on Blue Bunny ice cream cartons, cones, sandwiches and bars redeemable at a retailer near you. If you are in Louisiana, you will get a coupon for $.75 off Blue Bunny.

Blue Bunny is often on sale at my local Albertsons or Winn Dixie so I am going to save my coupon to combine it with a sale to stock up on ice cream. Hope it goes on sale soon!

Keep the good times rolling this summer with Blue Bunny and for more information about Blue Bunny, visit www.bluebunny.com.

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